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"We are very proud of the way in which each of our sites provide their own unique style of holistic inquiry-based education. High quality teachers are key to this process and we are proud of the staff we recruit and our high levels of retention. We invest considerable time and energy in celebrating every child’s academic talents and achievements as well as constantly expanding their learning experiences to ensure excellent progress in the arts, sport, music and above all, critical thinking." 

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BEK commitment to high quality international education to the wider education community as well as to prospective families by working and in partnership with these globally recognized education groups.


BEK offers a uniquely broad curriculum based closely on the National Curriculum in England which covers all stages of learning from 0-18 years


Learning an instrument promotes social skills, creates a sense of achievement, and improves concentration and reading skills. It can also boost students' confidence and teach discipline.

Whether the student is a beginner, intermediate or a professional music player, the BMA will guide you to receive the best music education.  

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We value and appreciate our parents, students and staff's experiences about BEK.
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Happy students, Happy teachers and Happy learning

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