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BEK Music & Arts

BEK Music & Arts(BMA)

A. British National Curriculum Music   

a. National Curriculum Music Class (Reception - Y9) 

b. Instrumental Class (Reception - Y6) 

c. IGCSE Music & A Level Music (Y10 - Up)   

B. BEK Music & Arts programme 

a. BMA Instrumental Private Lesson Programme   

b. BMA Ensemble Programme

   -Junior Ensemble


   -Pop Band Ensemble


   -Wind and Brass Ensemble 

C. Main Events

a. Whole School Music Class Concert - Instrumental Music Curriculum Performance

b. BEK Music & Arts Annual Concert - Individual Performance and BMA Ensemble Program Performance

c. Christmas Concert Performance by Orchestra and Choir (Main Performers for this event will be all year group students) 

Benefits of Music

Learning an instrument promotes social skills, creates a sense of achievement, and improves concentration and reading skills, It can also boost student's confidence and teach discipline.

IGCSE Music / A-Level Music

Our current national music curriculum classes aim to prepare for the Cambridge qualification music exams. The students will be examined on their performance, composition, and listening section.


Many intermediate levels of BEK Music & Arts students have been tested by the Associated Board of The Royal School of Music (Worldwide music level test) under our qualified teachers' teaching and guideline. This will give students many advantages for admission to a boarding school or university.

Pathway to Music College
or University

Our final vision is to be an international arts school to support students with musical flares to deepen their great musicianship and wonderful performance skills. BEK Music & Arts will guide music student's future life pathways to Music college or music university in the UK or USA