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BEK Governance

BEK’s Advisory Board

The purpose of the Advisory Board  includes oversight of school programmes and facilities, strategic planning, policies and to provide advice and support to ensure the continued viability and development of the school group.

Specifically the Advisory Board has strategic oversight of 
  • The Group’s Vision and Values 
  • Educational programmes including academic results, co-curricular activities and specific areas such as BMA (Music and Arts). 
  • Ratification of the CORE policies and auditing, where appropriate, the level of compliance with policies throughout the group. 
  • Safeguarding and Health and Safety (via the Operations Director and the Group Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • Ratification of the appointment of Campus Heads
  • Approval of the Group Development Plan 
Members of BEK’s Advisory Board comprise : 
  • The Group Leadership Team (GLT)
  • External Board Members who are resident in Korea and provide additional qualities and independence by having no commercial connections with the group.

Group Leadership Team 

The role of GLT is somewhat different to the Board in that GLT members are focussed much more on the day-to-day operations of the Group. Members of the GLT comprise : 

  • The Founder
  • The Chairman
  • The Operations Director (OD)
  • The CEO

The Advisory Board can be contacted by email in Korean or English at :