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In a constantly changing world, it is vital that our children are exposed to a very broad array of challenges and learning experiences so that they leave us as confident and self-assured individuals who are well prepared for the next stage of their lives.

BEK offers a uniquely broad curriculum based closely on the National Curriculum in England which covers all stages of learning from 0-18 years.

Our curriculum includes a diverse language programme where each student takes Mandarin from Nursery age upwards. The main emphasis is on providing a secure, fun and nurturing environment for all children to overcome challenge, develop individually and at their own pace.


I. A creative curriculum promotes ‘Inquiry’

II. Learning is linked to achievement and progress

III. Optimum learning environments support excellent progress

IV.  The learning context is the key to individual success

Internationalism & Global Thinking

The thematic design of our curriculum provides unique learning goals that help our youngest children begin the move towards an increasingly sophisticated national and international perspective. We aim for all our students to gain:

  • A knowledge and understanding of their own national culture. International is both inter and national.
  • An awareness and understanding of the independence of and interdependence between countries.
  • A developing ability to be at ease with others who are different from themselves.
  • An awareness and understanding of the independence of and the interdependence between peoples.
  • An awareness and understanding of the essential similarities between the peoples and countries of the world.
  • An understanding of our host country of Korea as well as every child’s own “home” country.

In order for students to develop a clear sense of cultural identity we take account of the host country, Korea, as well as each child’s ‘home’ country when planning learning journeys. This supports our aim of developing and promoting inclusion and tolerance as core values and encourages students to think beyond their own immediate experience.

We educate our children about the world around them through guided inquiry and give them an understanding of other countries and cultures in preparation for life as global citizens.

Learning Environments

The learning environments at British Education Korea send clear messages about our ethos, vision and mission.
We create a nurturing but stimulating learning environment based around the promotion of specific behaviours and skills: inquiry and curiosity, independence, support and challenge, reflection, and critical thinking.

Where possible, we attempt to connect our internal environment with the natural world through field trips.
Learning journeys and children’s achievements are celebrated through well-planned displays and sharing assemblies.