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BEK Bundang

Headteacher's Message

Samantha Childs


BEK Bundang

The BEK Bundang is a positive learning environment for all children to explore their talents and creativity. As with all the BEK campuses, we follow the British National Curriculum. We provide a quality education that builds independent and confident learners, whilst being completely immersed in an English speaking environment.

BEK Bundang enrols children from age 3 through to 7 years of age (Nursery to Year 2). Our facilities are spacious and colourful, and provide the best start for your child’s first years of education. We utilise play-based (Early Years) and inquiry based learning and teaching strategies, that encourage questioning, searching for answers, problem solving, exploring, creativity and imagination.

Our qualified and experienced teachers are passionate and dedicated to ensure each child reaches academic success. They provide excellent opportunities for child-centred learning, as well as providing necessary pastoral care.

Each class is supported with a bi-lingual teacher to ensure a seamless transition between Korean and English where necessary.  

Educationally, all children are motivated to learn through a unique mix of core subjects, enrichment activities and sports events. Understanding that the Pre-Prep years are crucial to a child’s first years at school, BEK Bundang aims to give every child the best start to their education, academically and socially.

We look forward to putting your child first in everything we do at BEK Bundang.

Ms Samantha Childs

Headteacher at The BEK Bundang