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BEK Lodge

Headteacher's Message

Dianne Armstrong


BEK Lodge

I am delighted to be the new Head of BEK Lodge. On behalf of all our staff, I wish you a warm welcome to Lodge. We are privileged that you have chosen us to be part of your child’s learning journey. 

As many of you know already, at BEK Lodge, we are deeply committed to a whole-child approach to education with a strong emphasis on social and emotional learning. This means that every day at Lodge, your child will have opportunities to develop: 

    • creativity
    • resilience
    • perseverance 
    • empathy 
    • literacy, maths and scientific understanding. 

Our English-speaking and bilingual Korean teachers can connect and communicate with every child. We are therefore confident in offering children high-quality education that will improve their self-confidence and help them become independent learners whilst immersed in an English language environment. 

At BEK Lodge, we enrol children aged 18 months to 7 years (Pre-Nursery - Year 2). As with all BEK campuses, we follow British standards and frameworks closely aligned to the National Curriculum of England within an international, globally-minded context. 

We guide children on their unique educational path through play and inquiry-based learning in both Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. 

The early years are crucial to a child’s entire educational journey, so to become curious and motivated lifelong learners, we encourage children to question the world, search for answers, explore, discover and use their imagination. Our small, dedicated team of qualified and passionate staff ensure excellent opportunities for child-centred, active learning and the highest standards of pastoral care. 

Ultimately, at BEK Lodge, we aim to give every child the best start in their education. We are very proud of the warm, caring and personal environment at Lodge, and we look forward to welcoming your child to our campus every day.

Ms Dianne Armstrong

Headteacher at The BEK Lodge