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BEK Prep

Headteacher's Message

Ruby Pasong


BEK Prep

The BEK Prep is the dedicated primary campus for the BEK group of schools. It is a fully accredited Cambridge International school and like all BEK schools, follows the British National Curriculum. Our dedicated team of teachers use this curriculum to create a syllabus that provides your child with real learning for a real future.

Enrolling students from age 5 through to age 11 (Reception to Year 6), Prep’s campus is full of energetic, eager, and enquiring young minds. Teachers assist students by presenting areas of study through Enquiry Based Learning, a teaching model fundamental to developing students' self-reliance, independence and ability to identify, investigate and solve problems; all key skills required for entering the adult world of study and work. Technology is also integrated across all subjects to help students understand the variety of ways in which technology can be used and prepare them for later life.  

Highly qualified and experienced teachers lead our students in the enquiry process, which is designed to see students explore learning in a meaningful manner that they can then apply to a wide range of scenarios. Bilingual teachers support the lead teacher with pastoral care and learning in the younger years' classes, helping children integrate into an English language immersive environment, and supporting academic and social learning. Differentiation and teacher support helps your child to be the best that they can be. Every child is seen as an individual and we support our students to ensure academic success.

However, academics is not the be all and end all at The BEK Prep. All Prep students have the opportunity to develop a vast array of skills, through a wide range of subjects and extra-curricular opportunities, allow students to grow both academically, creatively, emotionally and socially, whether this be in class or through performances, music, and sport. Our Character Trait programme helps our students discuss, debate, and develop important traits that will enable them to grow into well-rounded, empathetic, responsible, and respectable members of society. 

Our students are happy, challenged, and confident independent thinkers. If you are interested in giving your child a well-rounded global education, please do contact us using the details provided or visit our school. Campus tours are welcome. We hope to see you soon!

Ms Ruby Pasong

Headteacher at The BEK Prep