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BEK Secondary

Headteacher's Message

Mr Christopher


BEK Secondary

Pathways to success!

I would like to welcome you to The BEK Secondary. Our doors opened in August 2019 to offer Seoul a unique educational experience based around the British IGCSE and A Level programs with a dynamic and varied enrichment curriculum. We have a strong, happy and diverse student body and supportive parents, who support our mission to prepare our students to thrive in our ever changing world- through academic rigor,  1 to 1 support and a plethora of opportunities for experiencing Culture and The Arts. 

The IGCSE and A Level programs are the Gold Standard of Secondary education, they are recognized Worldwide and secure places to the finest Universities in the World. During four years of study, our students generalize for two years of IGCSE before increasing their focus for the two years of A Level.

The BEK Secondary offers 8 IGCSE subjects providing an excellent educational foundation, taught by subject specialists with passion and expertise. They take two years to complete, in Y10 and Y11. We have chosen a strong mix of subjects to allow our students to explore many pathways and encourage inquisitive young minds to reach their potential. As our school grows, so will our available subject choices.

A Levels comprise of AS in Y12 and A2 in Y13, which combine to become a full A Level award. Students usually take three, or occasionally four A Levels and The British Secondary will offer a range of subjects to offer a pathway to any desired University and subsequent career.

We know that no two children are alike and at The BEK Secondary, our families are given ample, individual support to ensure they fully understand every aspect of our program and can make the strongest possible applications to University. We provide career and university advice and direction for families from Y7 onwards, with clear pathways mapped out to the World's top Universities.

Our faculty is made up of experienced graduates from excellent Universities, qualified and trained to teach the intricacies of IGCSE and A Level to the highest standard. We are all excited to provide the 1 to 1 support that makes The British Secondary completely unique in Seoul.

The best way to experience what makes us unique is to visit us on one of our Open Days which are held throughout the year or on an individual visit. We look forward to welcoming you.  

Mr Christopher Wilkinson-Dale

Headteacher at The BEK Secondary