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UK and Korea Education System

The education system in the UK is divided into four main parts: primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education.

The Curriculum provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated global citizens. It introduces students to the best that has been thought and said; and helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement. The curriculum is just one element in the education of every child. There is time and space in the school day and in each week, term and year to range beyond the curriculum specifications. The curriculum provides an outline of core knowledge around which teachers can develop exciting and stimulating lessons to promote the development of pupils' knowledge, understanding and skills as part of the wider school curriculum. 

With traditions of excellence dating back hundreds of years, a multitude of highbrow educational establishments, and more numerous flexible educational options than many other countries, the UK has much to offer international students compared to other English-speaking countries.

British education is the fastest growing international education system in the world and considered the most prestigious and historic education system.

We welcome you to visit and join BEK to learn about and experience this wonderful approach to education!